History of the company
Saspe Srl (now Officine Saspe Group Srl) was established in 1955 with office in Arese, works in that wide area of mech engineering SMEs what will support the Industrial development and economical boom of the 60's.

The 60's and 70's
The company gets more experience and know-how in different areas by increasing its activity with such clients like Alfa Romeo, Olpi Durr, Fiat, Ballestra, and by supplying plants for car painting lines, air and water depuration lines and detergent plants.

The 80's and 90's
The cooperation with one of the engineering companies strengthens, and the company becomes the privileged partner. Due to the quality and reliability of its products, Saspe is a supplier of components and parts of plants of important European manufactoring and engineering companies.

The 2000's
There are different international economic dynamics and new national market. The company changes its name from Saspe Srl to Officine Saspe srl to indicate a new business strategy based on the increase of activity trough its independent Manufactoring Units, born as a result of outsourcing. In 2010, after the manufactoring stucture consolidation and its extension to Eastern Europe, the name becomes Officine Saspe Group Srl. Nowadays, the company, with such manufactoring organization, is able to meet demanding requirements of the leading companies in chemistry and petrochemisrty.